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Bibliographies by topic

In this section, we wish to propose thematic reference listings already completed (to date) or in progress
[e.g. a general bibliography on the topic of pricing wines].

The references will be suggested by a researcher who is in charge of the scientific value and also the management of the lists (update).

We therefore turn first to the researchers and particularly those writing their thesis.
We offer them the possibility to upload a list of references. The suggested topic is to choose, preferably very close and can be divided in several (common)sections: general references, articles, ... .
This "first" list will then be enhanced by the suggestions of other users. After considering the relevance of the suggestion by the head of the management of this list, it will be included in the published list or dismissed.

Therefore we want to invite all researchers to send us their suggestions.
A contact form is available at the end of each list to provide additional references.
These suggestions are forwarded to the researcher in charge of the list for validation. The accepted references will be put then on-line.

This public availability of references should benefit all researchers and facilitate the development of research in our field.

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