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Our documents

More than 500 works are listed here.

They were presented in conferences organized by the VDQS (Vineyard Data Quantification Society) and the European Association of Wine Economists (EuAWE).

They may be freely consulted!

The documents are available under the form of an abstract (always) or a text that has never been shortened because of publication in a journal or in a book; and in recent years also the views projected during the presentation (.ppt). The documents are mostly in English (summaries always exist in this language), but also in other languages (especially in French).

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Title Author(s) Abst Doc ppt Conference
Vinicultur in Urartu Civilitation Faruk ALAEDDINOGLU Nuray TURKER
EN EN EN 2015 - BRNO
“East, everything new!” – The Expansion of the Limitation for the Higher Douro (Nineteenth Century – 1907 Victor ALVES
EN 2015 - BRNO
Coopetition among very small Businesses: The Case of Wine Firms in the South of France Beysül AYTAÇA Léo Paul DANAA Thi-Hong-VAN HOANGA,Cyrille MANDOU
EN 2015 - BRNO
Wine Consumer Preferences and Attitude in Colombia Simona BACARELLA Stefania CHIRONI Luca ALTAMORE Marzia INGRASSIA
EN 2015 - BRNO
Biodiversity in the Vineyard as a Positive Factor for Tourism Enric BARTRA J. ROCHARD
EN EN 2015 - BRNO
Quality, Reputation and the Price of Wine Dániel BÉKÉSI Andreas HUBER Christoph R. WEISS Dieter PENNERSTORFER
EN EN EN 2015 - BRNO
An Empirical Analysis of Entry and Survival in the Recently Emerged Danish Microbrew Industry Jan BENTZEN Valdemar SMITH
EN 2015 - BRNO
Analysis of Wine Demand in the Czech Republic Helena CHLÁDKOVÁ Pavel SYROVÁTKA
EN EN EN 2015 - BRNO
Ways of Must Treatment and its Effect on the Wine Quality Peter CZAKO Martina FIKSELOVA Ján GAŽO Martin MELLEN
EN EN 2015 - BRNO
The Horizon Problem in Bordeaux Wine Cooperatives Bernard DEL'HOMME Julien CADOT Adeline UGAGLIA
EN EN 2015 - BRNO
Wine Organic Producing in the Bordeaux Area: Highlights by Costs and Economic Performance Bernard DEL'HOMME Hélčne SAMI
EN EN EN 2015 - BRNO
Characteristics of Vinotheks as Special Form of Wine Shops in Germany - A Typological Approach Axel DREYER Kristin SCHIRRMEISTER Juliane RATZ
EN EN 2015 - BRNO
Wine Fairs and Expansion of Wine Industry Sasa DREZGIC Goran JUSTINIC Dean RUMORA
EN 2015 - BRNO
Wine Tourism Programmes – a Hungarian Case Study Anna DUNAY Judit STORCZ Emese TATÁR Csaba Bálint ILLÉS
EN EN 2015 - BRNO
Drivers of Revealed Comparative Advantage in the Wine Sector Imre FERTO
EN EN EN 2015 - BRNO
Measures against Illegal Practices in Wine Business Sylvie FORMÁNKOVÁ Renata KUCEROVÁ Andrea HRDLICKOVÁ
EN EN EN 2015 - BRNO
Entrepreneurship and Entry of Microbreweries in the Italian Brewing Industry Christian GARAVAGLIA
EN 2015 - BRNO
Quantification of the Transaction and Distribution Costs for Laurent GRIMAL Sylvie RIVOT Philippe GUERLAIN
EN EN 2015 - BRNO
Changing Trends in British Wine Consumption, 1800-1914 Graham HARDING
EN 2015 - BRNO
Visitors Motivations for Attending Wine Festivals – A Case Study of „Vinistra Wine Festival“in Croatia Anita ILAK PERŠURIC Ana TEŽAK
EN EN EN 2015 - BRNO
Need for Change? Analysis of the Marketing Strategyin a Hungarian Wine Manufacturing Company Csaba Bálint ILLÉS Szonja VÖRÖS Judit STORCZ Anna DUNAY
EN EN EN 2015 - BRNO
Climate Change and Grapevine Growing in the Southernmost Finland Juha KARVONEN
EN EN EN 2015 - BRNO
Questions of Winegrape Irrigation in Hungarian Wine Regions Gabriella KISPÁL Anna DUNAY
EN EN 2015 - BRNO
Collapse of the Douro Region's Wine Industry in 1756 ? Wim KOEVOETS
EN EN EN 2015 - BRNO
Contagion Effects between Fine Wines and Financial Markets: Application of ADCC GARCH Eric LE FUR Benoît FAYE Eric BRAUNE Hachmi BEN HAMEUR
EN EN 2015 - BRNO
Corks and Risk Perception by Consumers: Experimental Investigation Benoît LECAT Jean-François OUTREVILLE Eric LE FUR
EN EN EN 2015 - BRNO
The Determinants of Beer Consumption versus Wine Consumption: A Cross-Country Panel Analysis Hyun-Hoon LEE
EN 2015 - BRNO
Red Bordeaux: Is there a Premium on the China Market? Eric LE FUR Benoît FAYE Philippe MASSET Jean-Philippe WEISSKOPF
EN EN 2015 - BRNO
From Montesquieu to the EU Planting Rights Regime Giulia MELONI Johan SWINNEN
EN 2015 - BRNO
The Structure of Family Ties within the Family WineTrading Business in the Czech Republic Anastasia PETLINA Vojtech KORÁB
EN EN EN 2015 - BRNO
Multiplying Effect in Wine Tourism Development Martin PROKEŠ Katerina RYGLOVÁ Ida VAJCNEROVÁ Eva SKÁLOVÁ
EN EN EN 2015 - BRNO
Production and Preservation of a Wine Cultural Landscape: The Visitor Preferences´ of the Alto Douro Wine Region Joăo REBELO Lina LOURENÇO-GOMES Lígia M. C. PINTO
EN EN 2015 - BRNO
Coffee: The product, the trade and a comparison with wine Morten SCHOLER
EN EN 2015 - BRNO
Examination of the Areas of the Cellar Cooperatives in Hungary, in Particular their Production Technology Péter SZABÓ Mihály VESZELKA
EN EN EN 2015 - BRNO
Exploring Impulse Purchasing of Wine in the Online Environment D. Christopher TAYLOR Nelson BARBER D. Veena PARBOTEEAH
EN EN 2015 - BRNO
Profitability Factors of Grape Production in the Czech Republic Jirí SEDLO Pavel TOMŠÍK
EN EN EN 2015 - BRNO
From Wine Production to Wine Tourism Experience: the Case of Anatolia, Turkey Nuray TURKER Faruk ALAEDDINOGLU
EN 2015 - BRNO
Achieving Regional Competitiveness via Export Opportunities and Quality Systems of Serbian Agri-Food Clusters Gajo M. VANKA
EN 2015 - BRNO
The Pisco Region: Pisco and Tourism Alan WATKIN
EN 2015 - BRNO
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